About Us

Hey! I’m Esence and one of the reasons I decided to open world of Smalls is because I love being able to share a lot of my time and experiences with my son! Another factor is that he is young right now and I love being able to bring him to work in a space that is safe, fun and best of all, made for him! Once I resigned from my HR position and spent a little more time at home, I discovered there was a need in our community and met quite a few parents who were just like me or in a similar situation. This discovery was the catalyst for me bringing my ideas and thoughts to pass and is the reason why World of Smalls exists today! We understand that there are parents who stay at home with their children and may need some different scenery or that there are some who want to work from home but their children need some consistent entertainment. We know of the moms who just want to sit down and have a snack while enjoying some adult vocabulary and their Smalls interact and connect with other children their size (My son loves playing with other Smalls :). These are just some of the situations that our parents are in and we know that with children there are many different situations. Whatever the case, we are here to support you and your family and provide a safe engaging environment for your smalls!

Our Mission is to prepare a place for our parents to bring their little ones to play and develop their social skills in a safe, clean environment while they take a moment to enjoy β€œme” time, take a break to eat a snack or sip a beverage, work remotely, engage with other parents or connect with their children.

Any Additional Questions? Just Ask!