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One Time Passes

(Babies under 1 year are free with paid sibling)

Discounted Passes


(unlimited play for as low as 1.86 per day!)

Facility Rules

  1. Please if you or your child are experiencing any symptoms of sickness, DO NOT book a play session. If you have already booked and need to reschedule, please give us a call!
  2. Parents/Caregivers must stay on the premises with the child at all times as well as provision of supervision
  3. Please sanitize before and after playing(especially after eating as we want to be aware of our smalls with allergies)
  4. No shoes are allowed in the play area
  5. Socks are required in the play area
  6. No food or drink is allowed in the play area
  7. Please leave personal toys, bottles, sippy cups, etc. outside the play area
  8. Yuck buckets are provided for any toys that may have baby/toddler fluids on them
  9. No rough play (if a staff member or parent sees any rough-housing that may result in an accident, you may be asked to remove your child from the play area)
  10. Please sanitize before entering the play area, especially after eating/drinking.
  11. For small children please change diapers frequently and make sure to give frequent potty breaks to avoid accidents

A Play Waiver Is Required

Any Additional Questions? Just Ask!