• Find your work from home community and do some networking.
  • You can work while your children play in a space made for them to flourish and have fun while doing so.
  • Create the perfect balance in between life and work and combat work from home isolation.



  • Wi-Fi
  • Baby Bouncer Seat on Hand
  • Supply hub which includes a​
    • stapler
    • hole punch
    • tape
    • Iphone and android chargers.

February 28th will begins our PHASE I launch for our NEW coworking option. This option gives you the ability to bring your smalls to our facility and let them play while you work. You will have access to Wi-Fi, and our supply hub which includes a printer (wi-fi connection), stapler, hole punch, tape, Iphone and android chargers. This option is perfect for work from home caregivers who want to give their smalls a safe space to be free, while they accomplish important tasks.


  1. Your hourly pass works like a punch card, so we will decrease it by the number of hours used each visit.
  2. Purchase your hourly pass here >>> Products (
  3. Be sure to fill out the waiver online if you haven’t already. Our waiver is good for up to a year.
  4. Reserving a co working space is not require at this time, but at the point where we start reaching capacity, it will be recommended, otherwise you may be turned away
  5. You can reserve a coworking spots in advance, but after two missed sessions, we will have to decrease your hourly punch by 2 hours, as it could’ve been reserved by another hardworking patron.
  6. To reserve a space click you can click here >>> Products (


STAY TUNED for our PHASE II launch which entails a coworking option that includes an extra pair of eyes and hands, for those work from home caregivers who need a little more independent time to get things done while a staff member looks after their smalls, gives them a snack and sippy or changes a diaper if need be!

Any Additional Questions? Just Ask!