Play is far more than just kids being kids: It’s crucial to healthy growth and learning for your children, especially in their infant and toddler years.

On the surface you may see our play space and think “well what are they getting out of this?”. We know and understand that a play space that is not filled with toys or seems to lack a number of electronic games, may seem like it’s not entertaining for the Smalls, however, a clean space with a few engaging toys is more advantageous for their early childhood development.

For instance, when your smalls are playing in the pretend kitchen or working in at the tool bench, they are exercising cognitive skills that involve, problem-solving, thinking and analysis as well as when they are figuring out a puzzle or building with the blocks. Or when they are climbing on our wooden play-set, rocking on the rocking horse or your infants are exploring the soft play equipment (obstacle course style), they are developing their gross motor skills.

There are many ways that they are learning, whether its reading, concentrating on a magnet puzzle, having fun with the busy board or handling one of the musical instruments, the gears in their brains are turning. Our smalls have are going to learn, so why not allow them to have a great time doing it?